High Calcium Quicklime

High calcium quicklime, or calcium oxide (CaO) is a white alkaline, crystalline solid widely used across many essential applications. 

The production of high calcium quicklime begins with the selective mining of chemically suitable calcium carbonate typically containing less than 5% magnesium carbonate. Throughout the manufacturing process, we carefully monitor the process to minimize impurities and produce a high calcium quicklime that is highly reactive and has the required particle surface area. The result is a high calcium quicklime that will provide reliable performance for many applications such as acid neutralization, flue-gas desulfurization, sludge stabilization, soil stabilization and other related industrial alkali applications.

Quicklime and Industrial

Graymont can supply both crushed and pebble high calcium quicklime from various sites that is suitable for either subsequent further processing and slaking or direct slaking. Some of the unique properties and benefits of high calcium quicklime include the following:

  • Reactivity - Quicklime reacts to neutralize the majority of acidic materials and liquids and trap impurities in many applications. A combination of high available CaO, and the right reactivity means users can successfully predict the performance of the CaO and achieve the desired process outcomes. 
  • Neutralizing Value - Quicklime represents the highest neutralizing value per unit weight of all lime products.
  • Hydration - Quicklime will hydrate rapidly when in contact with moisture and is thus a excellent dewatering agent for soils, sludges, tailings and biosolids.
  • Heat from Hydration - During the hydration of quicklime heat is generated and under the right conditions this property can contribute to drying surrounding materials and can be used in some cases to control bacteria and some viruses. 
  • Binding impurities - Quicklimes high concentration of calcium means it has a high affinity to bind many impurities in solid mixtures and slurries.

High calcium quicklime can be provided in bulk or sack packaging types. Please contact our sales team to enquire about this product.


High calcium quicklime is available from all regions we operate in including North America, the East coast of Australia including Tasmania, New Zealand, Malaysia and the Philippines. These products can also be exported further afield.

Did you know?

After processing, products derived from limestone can eventually revert to their original chemical form by reacting with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere or from industrial processes.