Cement - Hydrated Lime Blends

Mason's Pre-Blend® is a high-quality, factory-blended mortar product consisting of portland cement conforming to ASTM C150 and Type S dolomitic hydrated lime conforming to ASTM C207. This product is formulated to provide excellent bond strength while allowing for superior workability and board life.


Mason's Pre-Blend® is available in two mortar types:

  • Type N Mason's Pre-Blend® is the mortar type used for applications where medium compressive strength is required. Type N mortar is normally specified for exposed masonry and non-reinforced load-bearing walls above grade, chimney construction, parging and pointing. This product is available in 70-lb. bags.
  • Type S Mason's Pre-Blend® is the mortar type used where higher compressive strengths are important. Examples of typical applications include foundations, retaining walls, support piers and reinforced masonry. This product is available in 75-lb. bags

Did you know?

Limestone is composed of the mineral calcite (calcium carbonate) and/or the mineral dolomite (calcium and magnesium carbonate) along with small amounts of other minerals.