Stock Feed Minerals

Minerals are an important ingredient in a balanced diet for the majority of livestock types and Graymont pulverized limestone products are an essential part of the mineral mix.

Livestock types such as dairy cattle, swine, beef cattle, sheep, horses and poultry need calcium and the quantity of the mineral required depends on several factors such as breed, age of animal, forage type, introduced feed and the environment in which the livestock are raised.


Calcium Infographic

Graymont can supply various forms of pulverized and graded limestone that are suited for various applications and mixing techniques in the stock feed mineral manufacturing sector. Products are available to suit formulations or blends including mineral pre-mixes, bulk mineral blends, pallet or granule production and lick manufacture. Graymont supplies a range of products specifically for poultry flocks. Further information is available on the Poultry Health section of our website.


Product Range

Graymont supplies several forms of crushed and graded limestone for stock feed manufacturers supplied under various brand names. These products are manufactured from high quality limestone and are tested to meet industry standards. Stock feed products available in your region include:

  • Australia - Calcimate®, Calgrit®, Fine Ground Limestone
  • Malaysia - CalCarb
  • North America - Supercal®, Shell Mix, Poultry Grit
  • New Zealand - Calcimate®, Drier Chip

Please contact our sales team to enquire about pulverized limestone for stock feed minerals and availability of these products in your region. 

Did you know?

Lime is among the oldest and most vital materials used by humans. Most ancient languages have a word for calcium oxide. In Latin it is calx, from which the name of the element calcium is taken.