CalCarb is a finely ground calcium carbonate powder processed at our Kemaman site in Malaysia and is suitable for various industrial and some agricultural applications.

CalCarb powders

CalCarb powder is high purity and has low minor constituents such as silica, iron oxide and alumina. It is off white in colour and particle sizing is predominantly finer than 90 microns. CalCarb can be used in applications including pH control for acid soil management, as a filler in asphalt, as a processing aid in mining operations and is suitable for some agriculture applications. 

CalCarb and Industrial

CalCarb is supplied in bulk or in 1000kg sacks.


CalCarb is currently available from our Kemaman site in Malaysia. Please contact our sales team to enquire about CalCarb. 

Le saviez-vous ?

Lime is among the oldest and most vital materials used by humans. Most ancient languages have a word for calcium oxide. In Latin it is calx, from which the name of the element calcium is taken.