Niagara® Hydraulic Lime

Niagara® hydraulic lime is a high purity blended product that has high plasticity and workability when applied correctly.

Building on our expertise and range of products in the mortars and plasters sectors, Graymont developed Niagara® product variants specifically for construction applications such as Hempcrete and Strawbale construction. The Niagara products can also be used in restoration applications to emulate original mortar, plaster and stuccos used on many historic buildings. It is available in two forms as Niagara® 3.5 and 5.0.

Lime Blends for Hemp and Strawbale Construction

When used correctly and applied under the right conditions Niagara products provide a number of benefits including the following: 

  • When in wet phase these materials have high plasticity, workability and high water retention.
  • As a lime based mortar, Niagara products provide high water vapor transference. This is especially important in non-portland cement based applications such as historic restoration or sustainable building. 

Niagara®3.5 and 5.0 complies with ASTM 1707-09 (Pozzolanic Hydraulic Lime for Structural Purposes.)


Hydraulic Lime products are available from our Eden and Genoa plants and ship broadly across the US and into Canada. Please contact our sales team to enquire about Niagara® Hydraulic Lime or review the technical information below.

Did you know?

There are three distinct types of limestone, defined by their magnesium carbonate (MgCO3) concentrations. These types are Dolomitic (35 to 46% MgCO3), Magnesian (5 to 35% MgCO3) and High calcium (less than 5% MgCO3).